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MT 5 Bridge is software that can be used with MT 5 platforms

Best trading bridge CFD platform Today’s market being regulated, brokers offload their trading risk to banks and other liquidity providers. The best broker would have no net exposure because of the bridge.
There are pre-defined rules and usually a second trade that is equal and opposite is carried out with the liquidity bridge provider. This provides safety for the broker whose risk of losing money is eliminated.

The bridge is an ideal solution for brokers who can analysis their traders’ histories and classify them as winners and losers. the best trading services platform allows them to hedge winning trades while keeping trades from losing groups.
This is a profit maximization strategy that will ensure the loss is minimal. some brokers can adopt a zero trading risk and bridge all the trades.

How does it work?

The reliability and speed of the bridge platform ensure it is highly popular. Client orders are processed by the MT5 bridge within milliseconds. This is made possible thanks to the fact that the tool uses the Meta Trader API.
This feature is loved by clients who don’t face the problem of slippage. The speed ensures processing more trades at a lesser time than Meta Trader. This is beneficial for brokers who love this feature.
The MT 5 bridge has a modular design and it is the only bridge that supports Meta Trader.


• High speed with very low latency allowing for quicker trades.

• It is installed on the MT 5 server.

• The admin tool can be used to program, this is easy to setup.

• It has a built-in throttling feature that makes it suitable for price feeds that are aggregated.

• All Meta Trader order types are supported.

• All order types can be routed to the external liquidity provider.

• Partial as well as multiple fills from the liquidity provider.

• For B Book, client trades can be warehoused or STP.

• It supports all types of assets, including equities, indices, futures, and CFDs.

• Percentage covering available at any level.

Get in touch with us for a live demo of the PAMM module to understand how it can help you.

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The audit trail information ensures the reliability of the MT 5 bridge. Logging of all trades and error messages is provided. This ensures full reconstruction, when needed.

The bridge works automatically once the initial setup is done. There is hardly any maintenance needed, which makes it a very useful tool to use. In case, MT 5 is restarted, the bridge connects automatically to MT 5 and to the liquidity provider. Log files are created with all messages. These can be sent by email as per configuration done. Contact Platinum to get know more about it.

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