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MAMM is the Multi Account Manager Trader Application that is part of the VertexFX terminal. The solution was designed for brokerages so that it can be offered to money managers and professional traders. This enables them to get a trading tool where they can trade from a master account and operate multi VertexFX accounts.

Features of MAMM

• Login to one VertexFX terminal.
• Display the trades in an easy tree structure.
• VertexFX integration with Meta Quotes.
• Allocate trades to multiple sub accounts in a convenient way.
• It is embedded in the native VertexFX terminal.
• It can run on any number of accounts.
• Individual sub account trades can be closed.

The Most Advanced VertexFX Trading Platform

VertexFX platform lets you trade exchanges, and futures markets via any web browser. The VertexFX Platform requires only an Internet connection. You can access historical data and analyze quotes for financial instruments from any laptop or computer that runs Windows, MacOS, Linux.

You can place and send trade orders via the Market Depth web platform. Additionally, you can perform extensive market analysis with technical indicators and graphical objects. You can access all these features from any web browser at any time.

The web trading platform offers excellent versatility and provides maximum data security. All information transmitted is securely encrypted. You can use Two-factor authentication to provide additional protection. Open your browser now and trade online right away!

Flexible trading system
Platinum FX VertexFX offers powerful trading with two accounting types: market depth and position accounting. It also has a separate accounting for orders, deals, and orders.

VertexFX offers powerful trading with Market Depth and separate accounting of orders, trades, and other transactions. It supports both traditional netting systems and the hedging system. All types of trade orders can be executed by the platform, including market, stop and pending orders, and trailing stops. To meet different trading objectives, there are four order execution options: Instant, Market, Request, and Exchange execution.

Traders have many options for order types and execution modes to choose from, making it possible to use any trading strategy that is most effective in the financial markets.

Powerful trading system
Platinum FX VertexFX trading platform offers advanced Market Depth, separate accounting for orders trades, support of all types and execution modes, and an extensive accounting of orders. One-click trading and Market Depth allow users to trade currencies, futures, and equities in just one click. Stop Loss or Take Profit options to help to minimize losses and ensure profits. Our VertexFX trading software allows you to take advantage of any market situation.

Technical analysis by professionals.
Our Best trading platform VertexFX professional technical analysis allows for examining forex and currency prices from all angles. Our platform offers powerful analytical tools and is an all-in-one concept. The platform allows you to open multiple charts of currency or forex quotes at one time. Traders can analyze all minor price movements in detail with the available timeframes. Detail analysis of the dynamics of quotes can be done using our technical indicators and other analytical tools.

Additionally, the terminal has many analytical tools beyond the ones built-in. Traders have the opportunity to select from thousands of free indicators, to purchase or rent from the market with more than 2500 readymade algorithmic apps. With the MQL5 programming language, you can create your very own indicator. These features improve the analytical power of your platform and allow you to do the most accurate and detailed technical analysis possible of quotes.

Copy-trading and signals for trading
VertexFX offers trading signals that allow you to follow trades made by experienced traders and place them on your trading account.

You can choose from hundreds of paid and free signals for live or demo accounts. Each signal has the right risk level and profitability. You can sign up for the signal provider you choose in just a few mouse clicks, and your platform will automatically trade. You have the option to track trading results, or you can rely entirely on the signal behavior.

Our copy trading option makes it easy to trade independently. Instead, let the platform trade for your account like a pro.

Advantages of MAMM

• Helpful in increasing trading volumes.

• Gives full control to brokers who can oversee manager activities.

• It is easy and quick to deploy.

• The interface is user-friendly and highly intuitive in nature.

Please contact Platinum FX to know more about MAMM.

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