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Trading CFDs and FX Options entail risk and could result in the loss of your capital.
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The service providers for Forex Traders are White Label Product Forex Trading Broker Companies. Our best forex trading broker, and white label product services also supports the White Label Partnership.

White Labels can expect the greatest assistance and execution from us. White Label Partners have the ability to handle their clients as if they were running their own VertexFX.

We offer comprehensive turnkey solutions for starting your own white label Forex Trading Brokerage. The elements of your own Forex and white lable product Service Company to traders are as follows.

We provide complete assistance to our white label partners during the early stages of a company's development, such as incorporation.

We offer the White label Forex service and white label product that can be used by forex brokers and can be rebranded by paying a license fee. This allows small brokers to use our forex brokerage solution as their own.

Our range of forex broker solutions (using VertexFX) offers huge savings to small brokers so they don’t have to spend on developing a platform.

If you want to succeed then you need to have advanced tools with the ability to acquire clients and service them. You can run a profitable online trading business when you use our Forex White label service.

Platinum Forex offers white label for all those who want to start an online trading brokerage. Our white label VertexFX offers a specialized Forex solution that is simple and easy to use.

Our in-house team designed our White Label solution specifically for financial institutions and individuals wishing to expand or penetrate their online retail trading operations. Our team of specialists will work with you from the start until you achieve your targeted business outcomes.



It is very important that you choose the right forex white label platform for your forex brokerage business. We have a team of professionals with expertise in this field who will guide you and help you make the right decision. We offer platform like VertexFX Forex broker solutions. In an extremely competitive industry, finding a reputable and cost-effective white-label Forex solution might be difficult. These days, not every white label supplier can keep up with the demands of potential brokerages. Only the top Forex Solution providers can keep one step ahead of the game in the ever-evolving Forex sector as technology advances.

Incorporation of Forex Brokerage Company

If you wish you incorporate a forex brokerage company, then we are available for your assistance. With an internal business company setup, you can add payment gateways and make your business more successful.
We offer a range of services to help you incorporate your company, open bank account, FCA umbrella license, Vanatu Forex license, as well as licenses from Seychelles, Georgia, Belize, or any other place as per your requirements.

Forex Brokerage Solution

When you approach a registered broker to get a Forex white label, then you will need a forex license. You need to be regulated if you want to run a Dealing Desk online broking business.
A catch here is that if you run a Non-Dealing Desk Forex white label brokerage, then you don’t need regulation. This issue can be solved by getting an VertexFX White Label. In this case, you will not have access to risk management tools as well as the brokers’ back office tools.

FIX Forex API Bridge

When you use the Forex API Bridge, it becomes easy to handle the liquidity and manage your risk in an effective way. You need to be a regulated risk broker to get the VertexFX platform. When you get the API bridge, you will be given the ability to push the risk or to take the liquidity to a broker.

Liquidity offered

We offer best liquidity to forex brokers. As a part of the risk management, brokers can forward the risk or carry it themselves thus bearing the risk. We offer a 1-to-1 training online for you.
This will help you make the right decision on risk forwarding. Our White Label Forex solution offers you the choice to select liquidity. You get back office tools with a minimum fee and can have your own branding.

Dealing Desk and Non-Dealing Desk – what to do?

When you have confusion between Dealing Desk and Non-Dealing Desk, then you can go for a hybrid solution. The Dealing & Non-Dealing Desk Hybrid solution allows you to keep losers with you while you send winners to the market. You can get a VertexFX White label from a technology company to get a Non-Dealing Desk.
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